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Are you sick and tired of looking at your backyard and seeing an old shed that is barely still standing. Get rid of the old and make way for the new with our shed demolition and removal service in Burlington MA, and the surrounding area. The Junk Police specialize in small demolition projects such as shed removal, as well professional junk removal in Burlington MA . We understand that deciding to demolish your shed is not an easy decision, which is why we provide free quotes and consulting on whether the project will be worth it. Additionally, when the shed demolition is complete, we will haul all of the construction debris out of your backyard and to the dump so that you do not have to deal with any of the cleanup yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Give the Junk Police a call today and ask about our incredible shed removal service in the Burlington area.


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Signs It's Time For A Shed Demolition in Burlington MA?

Sometimes Your Shed Can't Be Saved

Most of the time, it is relatively obvious that you need a new shed! But, this is not true in all cases. Sometimes your shed can look healthy on the outside, but be slowly dying on the inside. Listed below are some more unknown signs that it is time for a shed demolition and removal.

Your Need Shed Removal In Burlington MA If You Have Leaks

If it rains, and afterwards you notice that your shed is leaking water, then it is most likely time for a shed demolition. This is one of those problems that will unfortunately not just go away. In fact, if left untreated it will continue to get worse and lead to rusting and rotting of whatever you have stored inside the shed.

Got Insects? You May Need Shed Demolition In Burlington MA

As part of regular shed maintenance and upkeep it is important to thoroughly case the inside and outside for insects. Sheds are outside, so they are often perfect targets to an array of insects and critters. It is vital that you catch them early because if left unchecked they will cause irreversible damage and you will absolutely need a shed removal.

Running Out Of Space? Get A Shed Removal In Burlington MA!

Running out of space is definitely the most common reason why people require a shed demolition. Sometimes life happens and you end up with more stuff than you anticipated and you simply need more space to store it all. Our shed demolition service in the Burlington MA area will allow you to get rid of your old shed and put in a new one that is the perfect size for your storage needs.

If You See Warping You May Need Shed Demolition In Burlington MA

Lets face it, we live in New England where it is cold and snowy most of the year. That means our sheds are exposed to moisture for a predominant part of the year. This excessive moisture exposure can eventual cause the wood to warp, which means that you are not far away from needing a shed demolition in Burlington MA.

How Much Does Shed Demolition In Burlington MA Cost?

Pricing is Based On Size Of Shed And Time Of Demolition

Pricing a shed removal in Burlington MA is hard to talk about generically based on all of the variables at play. Typically, the major factor that determines how we price the job is the size of the shed. Larger sheds take longer to demolish which means that we will charge more for the job. Additionally, larger sheds create more materials and debris to dispose of, which also increases the cost of the job. So, to sum it up, the major factor that determines how much your shed demolition will cost is the size of your shed.

Shed Demolition Burlington MA


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