The Junk Police will haul pretty much anything as long as it is not toxic or hazardous. Here is a list of the most common items we haul away.

What We Take

We Are A Full Service Junk Removal Company That Will Take Any Of The Items Below

General Junk Removal

General Junk

Junk can pile up very quickly and will become out of control without regular disposal. Call the Junk Police today and we will haul away all the unwanted junk that is making your house a mess.

Appliance Removal


Don't let old appliances that you are no longer using sit around and collect dust. The Junk Police will haul off all your unwanted appliances that are taking up all your free space.

Construction Debris

Construction projects of all sizes can leave behind a considerable amount of junk. After your next construction project, call The Junk Police and we will quickly dispose of all your construction debris in a responsible manner.

Yard Waste Removal

Yard Waste

The Junk Police will also dispose of landscaping waste and yard debris such as shrubs, tree branches, and bushes. Give us a call after your next landscaping project and we will haul away your unwanted yard waste in less than 24 hours.

Furniture Removal


Old furniture can take up a ton of space in your home and can be very hard to lift and maneuver. Give the Junk Police a call today we will handle all of the heavy lifting and disposal for you.


Enjoy your new mattress without the stress of getting rid of the old one. Our mattress removal service will have your old mattress properly disposed of in less than 24 hours!

E-Waste Removal

TVs & Electronics

We will dispose of most electronic waste such as old TVs and computers. Give us a call today and we will haul off your unwanted electronics and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner.

Trash Removal


Do you have too much trash to dispose of yourself? The Junk Police can help you get rid of all your unwanted trash for a very reasonable price.

Shed Removal


Is your shed old and run-down? If yes, then contact The Junk Police today and we can help you out with our affordable shed removal service.


We Will Not Accept Any Of The Items Listed Below

No Junk Zone


We will save your home or business from its state of chaos and bring it back to order for a price that simply can’t be beaten.


When it comes to getting rid of junk in Tewksbury MA and the surrounding area no one does it better than The Junk Police. We take pride in our outstanding customer service and will not stop until the job is done to perfection. Don't believe us? Check out some reviews from our endless happy customers.


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The Junk Police are upholding the law in your neighborhood! It is time to say goodbye to your unwanted waste, right now, before it becomes a part of your life forever. When it comes to your junk, we show no mercy and will not stop until whatever mess you are facing is locked away for good. Destress, declutter, and book your junk removal appointment with us today!