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Do you have excessive junk piling up around your home or office that is starting to stress you out? Decluttering your home or work spaces can leave you feeling less stressed and more productive than ever. Fortunately, The Junk Police specialize in residential and commercial junk removal in Wakefield MA and the surrounding area. From old mattresses to furniture to TVs and electronics, our expert junk hauling service can take it all. We even offer same day junk removal for customers who want their junk hauled away as soon as possible. So, what are you waiting for? Give our team of seasoned Wakefield junk removal experts a call today and take the first step in creating a clutter free life.

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The Junk Police make fast and efficient junk removal as simple as possible for our customers. Simply follow our simple 3 step process and your junk will be hauled away before you know it.

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How Much Does Junk Removal In Wakefield MA Cost?

Our Junk Hauling Pricing Is Determined By How Much Of Our Truck You Fill Up

We want to make sure that none of our amazing Wakefield Massachusetts junk removal customers are ever blind sided with pricing. That is why we make sure to provide our full pricing model, so you can properly budget your project. When it comes to pricing our junk removal service, it comes down to how much of our truck you fill up. The more junk in the truck the higher the cost of the removal. Yes, it's really that simple. Additionally, some items cost extra to dispose of based on disposal fees that we pay on our end. Examples of these items are some electronics, tires, and Freon appliances.

Junk Removal Wakefield MA
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We will save your home or business from its state of chaos and bring it back to order for a price that simply can’t be beaten.

Benefits Of Hiring A Company For Junk Removal In Wakefield?

When it comes to hiring a provider of junk removal in Wakefield MA, a lot of customers want to know the main benefits the service can provide. Of course disposing of unwanted junk is a benefit, but there are also other benefits of our Wakefield junk removal service that our other customers can attest to.

Junk Removal In Wakefield Helps Prevent Injury Caused By Lifting Heaving Items

Oftentimes items you are trying to dispose of can be very heavy and oddly shapped. This significantly increases the chance of injury if you were to try and dispose of them yourself. As a result, hiring a junk removal company in Wakefield MA will make sure that there is no chance of you getting injured when you are trying to get rid of junk. Our team of expert haulers will come in and do all the heavy lifting for you, while you just sit back and relax and enjoy the removal process.

Junk Removal In Wakefield Saves Time

Customers do not often realize how time consuming junk removal in Wakefield can actually be. First, you need to get the heavy items out of your home or office. Then you need to find a way to load them in a truck. Finally, you need to bring them all the way to the dump where you can safely dispose of them. This process is extremely time consuming and can be exhausting which is why we always recommend you call your local junk removal company in Wakefield MA.

Destress By Taking Advantage Of Junk Removal In Wakefield MA

Having too much junk in your life can be more stressful than you realize. Oftentimes it is only after getting rid of it all do you realize how much stress and anxiety is was causing in the first place. As professional junk haulers in Wakefield it is always incredible to see the happy faces of our customers as the relief of seeing their junk removed melts the stress away.


When it comes to getting rid of junk in Wakefield MA and the surrounding area no one does it better than The Junk Police. We take pride in our outstanding customer service and will not stop until the job is done to perfection. Don't believe us? Check out some reviews from our endless happy customers.


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The Junk Police are upholding the law in your neighborhood! It is time to say goodbye to your unwanted waste, right now, before it becomes a part of your life forever. When it comes to your junk, we show no mercy and will not stop until whatever mess you are facing is locked away for good. Destress, declutter, and book your junk removal appointment with us today!